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Think about this - Porn isn't free

Porn maybe "free" to access, it is not free to use. The price porn demands from those who of us who become addicted is nothing less our entire selves - our brains, our hearts, our genitals, and sometimes our very souls.

That girl that you see on screen.

That girl that you see on screen. She doesn't love you.
You may be totally enamored with her and her body, and wish that she was yours, but so does every other guy devouring her with their eyes.
She doesn't know you exist. She probably will never know you exist. You probably will never meet her.
Although these chemicals may bind you to her and make you think that there is something, there is nothing from her except despair and confusion.
That girl you pass by in the hall or at work, she loves you...or at least actually has the potential to.
Go find that girl that actually loves you, not the one on screen who doesn't love you, and who never will.
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i can smell the fedora that wrote this


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This photo fascinates me because it expresses a dynamic that you don’t often see between men and women, with a man taking on the adoring role and the woman drinking it all in.

I will always reblog this because all I want in my life is to have a husband with whom I can share my life like this.

Always reblog. Beautiful.

Nofap : Purify the mind from pornography
I looks ridiculous, if you nofap for another reason than your own (being moral, health, or whatever else)
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I thought this soup needed some love, nofap after all is all about love!

Love is why we nofap!
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Brain vs. Porn … Fight!

wait … no


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Breathing technique

So I've been trying to refrain from masturbation and porn for probably 10 years or so now. I never knew about nofap until recently.

Something incredibly useful I discovered early on was a Pranayama breathing exercise which comes from some spiritual traditions.

Whether you are spiritually minded or not is irrelevant; this is 100% practical and you can try it out and see if you get any benefits. I honestly couldn't imagine trying to nofap for any length of time without this, so I hope this is of use to some people.

So here's what you need to do:

  1. Sit or lie down with a straight back. Close your eyes.
  2. Focus your mind on your sexual region, and feel that sexual "energy" there. Ignore the spiritual connotations of this word; that tension/feeling is there and we'll call it "energy" for the purposes of this exercise.
  3. Slowly breathe in, and as you do, imagine drawing that "energy" up your spine, as if the action of breathing is sucking it up like a pump. Imagine pulling it all the way up the spine to the head and brain. You can visualize this as a white energy if you like. Rather than narrowly focusing on a small area as you move your awareness up to the head, you may wish to hold in your imagination the entire channel from groin to the brain at once, but keep that feeling of pulling/sucking the "energy" up.
  4. On the out breath, allow this energy which has been drawn to your brain to flow down to your chest/heart area.
  5. Repeat for as long as you feel comfortable. Breath in or out at whatever speed works for you.

I can't tell you how or why this works, but if you give this a go regularly for a while (once or twice a day) you will notice that this exercise really helps to relieve the sexual tension that you'll be feeling.

I think anyone that has tried nofap knows that refraining from orgasm and masturbation has powerful effects on the mind and body, and I've found this exercise to be a great way to transform that pent up tension. I hope this helps, and good luck!

Rock Bottom

I've been masturbating since I was 12 and looking at porn since I was 13. I started looking at extreme porn when I was 19. I am now 24. I found nofap a year ago and tried it out, I was worried my taste in porn was becoming a little too... out there. I lasted 3 days. The next time I lasted 4. Then 3. Then 4. Then I gave up and went back to PMO. All this masturbating continued until 8 months ago.

8 months ago you decided to cut yourself off from your fetish and said you could just look at vanilla porn (don't know why you thought that would work), then you cut myself off from porn but allowed yourself to masturbate. But you can only take so many showers a day before you want to masturbate for the third time that day and your like, what the hell, I'm already in my bedroom and the computer is practically on, just asleep, and it will only take a second and I - I mean - it's been ages since I checked my favorite site, I could even organize the videos by Most Watched this Week and I'd hate to miss a really good one.

Anyway, you spiral back down into fap-oblivion. Then you meet your new girlfriend. She is a cause for you to fap less. Much less. For 4 months everything is chipper. You think you have beat the system - the guy who can masturbate to porn AND satisfy his girlfriend.

But the funny thing about erectile dysfunction is that it doesn't just sneak up on you. Or rather it does but the signs don't seem so grave. The "I'm not as hard as usual, but still hard enough to get the job done" stage quickly becomes your girlfriend crying because she thinks you're not attracted to her anymore and you're trying to explain to her that's not true while ducking your traitorously soft contradiction into the pouch of your Hanes boxer briefs. Forget condoms. Forget two beers after dinner. Welcome to the surreal world of actually being anxious to sleep with your partner because you don't know if you can get it up tonight, since you just had sex that morning and recently that's all your lower half can take.

Now it looks like your girlfriend is going to break up with you, which scares you even more because your thought process is, "if I masturbate this much with a girlfriend, then I would be out of control without one." So now you're starting to dehumanize your girlfriend, starting to look at her more as a buffer against porn in your 100 year war. A pawn in your chess game versus PMO. In the back of your mind you know this is fucked up but you don't acknowledge it. But it doesn't stop there. You fill your time with this girl. Your logic is that you can't possibly fap if your time is occupied by this lovely, intelligent and trusting person who has no idea that when she falls asleep you -still in bed wither her - open up an incognito tab, lower the volume, tilt the computer slight away and browse the newest page of your favorite site. You don't fap in these moment that the women you love is curled up at your side asleep at 4am, you just scan the newest videos of your favorite sites to calm the anxiety you feel of missing a potential gem that you would have caught had you been at home - masturbating - like usual.

Your last hurrah is deciding to just PM - no O. Save the O for the GF. What a genius plan, why didn't you think of that first. Checkmate, erectile dysfunction. Except the insane amount of fapping and gripping involved in the PM portion of your plan leaves you hot, bothered, and practically frothing by the time you jump in the sack with your babe. The end result of which is a half-hard 60 second tour de force which manages to be somehow as unsatisfying for you as it is for her. But hey, at least you came so now she thinks you just suck in bed rather than not find her attractive.

But this isn't rock bottom. Soon you're so antsy to get home away from your girlfriend and friends to look at porn in earnest (keep in mind for weeks now you've just been just PMing no O, so you've been cheating while only feeling a fraction of the guilt), that you spend every waking second looking at the worst shit. Shit you haven't looked at in years. But hey, you're not going to O. You're just going to lay back and mash your raw, flaccid object (because even he is unenthusiastic at this point) for hours on end, missing any appointment or plans you had.

The next day you wake up. Last night you ditched your friends, whom you haven't seen in ages because you're always either hiding behind your girlfriend avoiding masturbation or fucking yourself red in the face. Either way, this activity controls your life. It becomes less and less a monster under your bed and more a roommate with whom you've conceded to live in tandem and live your life the best you can in spite of him. You've given up saying no. You've classified PMO as a natural disaster. A hurricane. Something you have no choice in. Something you have to just bear down, wait til it's over, and hope for the best.

The point is I've been digging my way through rock bottom after rock bottom for years now. I've gotten to the point where my self-loathing has gotten so bad that my mirror image makes me physically ill. I don't recognize myself in pictures because I don't want to. I hate myself.

I don't want to kill myself. I want my life back.

Q) What is the NoFap trap?

A) Substituting fapping for any other unproductive activity. For instance aimless browsing, sleeping late, procrastination, watching tv etc.

When you stop PMO your brain will try to find a substitute to supply you with the dopamine you are suddenly missing. So now instead of fapping to get your dopamine rush you browse for hours on end trying to fill the gap that PMO left. Basically switching one addiction for another.

Q) So how do you fix this?

A1) Find what causes you to PMO. Is it stress or boredom or social anxiety or laziness etc? Find that cause and try to work on yourself to remove that cause from your life.

Q) How do you find the cause?

A) Become more self aware. A lot of the time we basically function like robots, or maybe like animals, just following impulses or instincts. To counter that start to actively think about every decision you make, ask yourself why you do what you are doing? What is the sequence of events that lead you to this action you're currently taking? What will the outcome of this action be? Writing these things down regularly will help speed up the process. It will help you distil your thoughts and bring focus.

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http://imgur.com/a/b6kEF for more motivational posters
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